Fabulous Terrible World

by 20XX

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released July 4, 2016



all rights reserved


20XX Columbus, Ohio

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Track Name: Promising Time
when you learn the meaning
of the patterned ceiling
all the shapes you memorized

then you learned to listen
to some spectral vision
flawed abandoning insides

i’m not promising you time

in the years to follow
so many words so hollow
everything i wish i’d said

i am light and the
bough won’t break but you are
heavy and i am alone
Track Name: Gemini
lately everything seems different
inappropriate to some degree

the walls are even more considerate
than i could ever be

always look your best when you’re at your worst

gemini, gemini
i stood apart from you
gemini, gemini
watch me split into two

you can count every time i’ve been lonely
by the makeup on my pillow case

hide me underneath the bed with all
the insects in my place

always look your best when you’re at your worst
Track Name: I'm Around You
on the playground
where you found yourself
and the night where you
would be arrested

i’m around you
i’m around always

in a chair where you were lifted
ever closer to a god
that you’ll never know

i could see you
you could see me proud
Track Name: No Home
there’s a constant glowing reminder
of an illness that we would share
a temporary solution
swell nodules and aching ears

was a time when i knew my place
was a time when i knew my name
in a time when nothing is certain
i’m a legacy of disgrace

there’s no home there’s no more comfort
ammonia, going straight to nowhere
Track Name: Waking Up
lying in the hospital
i know I’m emotional at times
and you get that from me
that’s just our disease

if i’m waking up that’s too bad
in my dreams you’re the only father that i’d ever have

taken by impermanence
i know i could be distant at times
now you’re only what i need
that’s just my disease

one day you’ll lose everything
better learn to find yourself
and the one that you love
Track Name: Last Day of the Sun
my head is weak
warmer than light in your eyes
i love you most
and that may come a surprise
riots in the street
but you won’t lose me because i’m righteous

i’ll see the sun for the last time today
and i’ll miss the way it brightened up your face

close to the wall
further i am from no one
and after all
i’m nothing more than no one
riots in the street
but you won’t find me because i’m righteous
Track Name: KK
how are you going to leave your expectations
how are you going to leave them tonight

in a storm the rain is falling
how are you going catch it tonight

all we ever wanted was encouraged
and excuse to exist

lost in a mirror where i can’t see myself
only a vague outline of you

i ran softly through you but now i’m running away

i know i’m wrong for leaving
and that the world is deceiving
now i’m just another something to despise